Gift cards are available in any denomination and are great for every occasion!
tom [at] (Email Tom) for more information or stop by for your gift card today!

Sprinkles Hats & T-Shirts: $15 each

Fundraising Opportuinities

At Sprinkles we value our customers efforts to maintain all local businesses, schools, parks and community venues. We hope to be a part of any advances to protect what is important to you! In order to help us accomplish that we would love for you to give us an opportunity to stand by you. We can donate gift cards for auctions, give a portion of proceeds to a local organization or set up an opportunity for you to sell our gift cards for a portion of the cost. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or fundraising propositions...we will try to work with you to make ANYTHING possible!!

email: tom [at]
phone: (301)_ - 299 - 8415

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